Download error - Brave closes automatically

Description of the issue:

When I download any type of files from Brave browser (an image from the internet for example), Brave brutally closes and the download manager from Brave says : error during the download (see picture 1). I cannot open it when I touch the notification like it usually does. But when I go to my files, the image is right there, and I can open it.

I just installed the new update on brave (1.7) but the issue is the same. The error started a couple of weeks ago, before everything was fine.

Attached pictures of the download error message from notification bar (right after brave closed)

Thanks for your help,

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Download any type of file from the browser

Expected result:
Brave closed and I get the notification “error during the download”

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.7.0 (but was the same with previous version)
Mobile Device details
Xiaomi MiA2 Android 9
Additional Information:

Does the download work on Chrome? Is the install of Brave from Google Play Store?

Hi Sriram, I just installed Chrome to try it, and indeed same issue. So, I imagine it comes from my phone and Brave support cannot help me on this…
Thanks anyway

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