Download Brave in Linux


I am using my backup laptop that has Linux and I want to work with Brave. Is there a link to download? Thank Y’all, in advance, for your help!


@lyndsmar what distro are you using because you could download Yarn and follow the procedure in the README.

I figured downloading Snap would make for an easy installation but unfortunately it doesn’t consist of the latest browser version though someone is working on it.

As for Yarn, I haven’t figured how to get it fully working because I messed up somewhere in Mint and Suse, so it would be nice if someone can troubleshoot; the Github troubleshoot pertaining to this isn’t very helpful:(


Are you using a .dpkg or .rpm?

It would be great if you can tell which linux distro [For eg: LinuxMint, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, QubesOS, OpenSUSE…] you’re exactly using :slight_smile:

Then download the suitable version [either for .deb or .rpm. Once installed, search for Brave in menu & You’re good to go!

Download Link :


I first installed Brave on Linux.
Scroll down the list. Linux is there.
They are not shy about it.


Waiting for this @DorthyBluBird

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