Download bar options (Default, Auto hide, Suppress entirely)

Feedback: Having to X-it each time I download something gets to be quite tedious.

Please give us the option so suppress the download bar entirely, or at least make it auto-hide after all downloads are complete.


I found a really nice workaround for this. The “Download Manager” Chrome extension.

  • the download bar never shows up (optional)
  • download progress shown in a tidy menu icon + popdown

It’s not available anymore. :frowning:

This extension “Disable Download Bar” does this and only this.

Disable Download Bar -

Good morning.

None of the mentioned suggestions seems to fixing the issue - Disable Download Bar.

Are there any other ways to Disable Download Bar?

thanks! i.

This is the correct link to the Disable Download Bar extension, which I have not tried yet:

This extension seems to work. (the previous did not)
thank you, inomics

Version 1.17.73 Chromium: 87.0.4280.67 (Official Build) (64-bit)system info

This should be a standard feature. No other browser (Opera, Safari, …) shows a big download bar.

Yes, developers have to do something about download bar.
They should make it thinner (like in other chromium browsers)

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or better yet, user scalable. it’s way too large and has too much unnecessary dead space around the text parts, but once they get into scaling it everyone will have different opinions and problems with it being too big/small, so having a dropdown list with various choices (or being resizable by mouse) would be ideal. 0pt could serve for disabling it.

Try this extension I’ve installed in all my desktops (2) with no issues.

Hoping to be useful.