Doubts with Brave Wallets in BAT!

Hi, I’m new using your new browser.

I have a doubt initially install the browser on my Laptop, open my account to get referrals, later install the browser on my Android phone, a few days ago I received 4 BAT which I try to see them in my laptop browser and they do not appear, I even have the two synchronized browsers.

My question is each wallet is linked to each installed browser?

Today unintentionally I sent a tip to my own Youtube channel and it was made, later it appears to me that it was not done and I only see 3BAT that happened with that 1 BAT that was not sent.

I have another doubt those BAT that I get in the android browser as I pass them to Uphold ??

I send screenshot of my android browser where the tip that I sent is displayed, it was rejected and I lost that 1 BAT


That is correct. At the moment the synchronization feature only includes Bookmarks. The Brave team is working on improving that feature. So for now, your Android and your Desktop wallets are independent of each other.

Your android (and Desktop) wallet is not connected to your publisher account or with your Uphold account. Therefore it won’t show up on your Uphold account. Withdrawing is not an option at the moment. Brave is working on a more advanced wallet in addition to partnerships that will allow you to buy things with BAT.

Did you receive some sort of message saying the tip was rejected? Or do you assume it was rejected, because it hasn’t shown up in your Publisher account yet? Tips might take a while to come through. Maybe it will appear later.

Tipping BAT received from grants can take some extra time, because it might be reviewed to make sure it is compliant with the Publisher Terms of Service. Tipping yourself with grants might be against these rules, although I’m not totally sure about that.

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