Double click issue

Description of the issue: My mouse double clicks when I’m using the browser, besides that I haven’t seen this problem.

How can this issue be reproduced? e.g. Try opening new pages, for the 3rd try it will open 2 page instead of 1 because of the double click

Expected result: 2 pages will be opened instead of 1

Brave Version: V1.33.106

Additional Information: -

Can you please tell me what version of windows you’re using at this time? Additionally, does it happen when you use a different mouse and/or the mouse/trackpad? If so, does it happen in other browsers/applications?

My windows version is 21H2 (2021.11.29). I am pretty sure this is a technical issue and not my mouse because when I play games or use discord this error does not occur. This problem can be found in other browsers too.

Then the issue is either with Windows or the mouse itself, given that this behavior occurs in other browsers and not just Brave. I would again recommend testing the behavior with a different mouse.

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