Don't want cookies with database storage to be deleted when I quit Brave

My 300MB Proton Mail search database gets deleted every time I quit Brave / macOS; it used to be kept until I next open Brave.

Below I describe why this is important to me, how I think Brave’s behaviour for me probably changed, and all of the solutions I have tried that have not resolved my problem.

I need support from someone who is familiar with Brave’s configuration options for site-specific handling of cookies and storage/databases in memory when Brave is running, and the saving (or not) of those when Brave (and/or my computer) is shut down, and the restoration (or not) of those on restart.

My setup is an Intel-based laptop with the latest macOS Sonoma, the full suite of ProtonMail apps (Mail, Calendar, Drive, VPN, and Pass) in Brave non-private windows, and all other websites in Brave private windows. My entire internet connection is always protected by Proton VPN. To protect my family from unnecessary radiation, I turn off my laptop overnight, connect it to my Internet modem via Ethernet, and only turn Bluetooth and/or WIFI on during the day if and when necessary.

More important to me than surfing the web is my use of Brave for hosting the web interfaces to Proton Mail, Drive, and Calendar. Proton has platform-specific apps for Windows, Android, and iOS, but the apps are not ready for macOS yet, so the browser interface is my only option. I have the latest Sonoma macOS, and always check for and install the latest Brave at least daily.

Now that I have provided the above context of my support request, my story of why I need this, and what I have tried that hasn’t worked for me, follows below:

ProtonMail has this really powerful tool for searching my entire email archive by keywords and storing a search index in a database inside of a cookie in Browser memory. My particular database takes a few hours to build and store, and it uses over 300MB of browser memory. After first being set up, searches take a few seconds at the most, and incoming email messages get added to the database automatically with no effect on performance. It’s been a game changer for me, and it’s been working perfectly for me for well over a year.

. . . Until a few days ago, that is. That’s when I was trying to do some “housecleaning” of my Brave Browser configuration, and I mistakenly deleted the “Profile” with which my entire customization of Brave was associated. I lost everything: extensions, changes from default browser settings, and my Proton customizations, cookies, and databases. Unfortunately, I had not written down all of the customizations I had made.

<< By the way, I have a question - or a feature request if it’s not already a feature that I don’t know about. Is there a way to get a “backup” of my Brave “configuration file” from which everything in my profile(s) and other changes I’ve made from Brave’s defaults, if any apply automatically to all profiles, can be restored to a prior state? If I had such a backup, I probably wouldn’t be raising this support problem. >>

So, relying only on my memory and my intuition, I tried to reinstall and reconfigure the customizations I had lost.

What happens now is that when I bring up my system every morning, I don’t have the search database I had the night before when I shut my computer down. I start the search index building process, and after an hour and a half or two hours, the index is built, and I can use it. But unlike a week ago, if I ever quit Brave and restart it during the day, the Proton Mail search database is gone and it has to be rebuilt again. Somehow, in my configuration related to site-specific exceptions to cookie privacy policies (that I want for privacy reasons by default for most or all non-Proton web content), I haven’t got something right. I need someone who is familiar with this to help walk me through what I have done (or not done) to get this functioning like it was just a week or two ago.

Thanks. I hope someone has the patience to read this long story and the know-how to help me.

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