Don't understand the BAT reward

It say I can get it all the 7 of the month and the BAT earned seems to be reset each month so the thing I earn from the 8 to the 30 or 31 are useless ? I don’t understand

From Jan 1 to Jan 32 you earn a set amount of BAT, lets say 5 BAT.
They need time to process all of the rewards. Earlier it used be 2 Feb, 3 Feb but as users increased it pushed to 8 Feb. Those 5 BAT will be delivered to you by 8-10 Feb.

Now, after 31 Jan, a new month will start. So, from 1 Feb to 28 Feb the rewards will be deposited during 8 March. It is confusing at first, but if you go through atleast 1 distribution cyclle you will get the gist of it.

oh ok nice its more clear now I used to think it was a lowkey scam thx