Don't recognize a device in sync chain

Description of the issue: I just got a used desktop from a friend and I’m trying to sync data from my Brave browser in my Surface Pro 7 tablet. I’m able to sync this new desktop but I noticed there’s a device in my sync link in my tablet that was added in 2020 that I don’t recognize. There’s no X button next to it so I can delete. What should I do? Is it possible to delete the whole sync chain and start afresh? I don’t see option to delete a whole sync chain. THanks.

**Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Desktop - v1.52.122
Surface Pro 7 - v1.52.122

If there’s no “X”, it’s the current device. A button to delete the whole sync account is at the bottom right of the sync settings page. Be aware that as soon as you input any personal data on a device someone else had control of, you never know what might happen to it.