Don't receive rewards

Hello everyone, I am writing today because since July I noticed that I could not receive my Rewars. As I’m still on my mac, I went to see what’s going on. I log back in and it says ‘‘Error: The Brave Rewards profile is reported’’. I’m deleted when I see this, but then I go to my Windows pc and my account is working, I see my rewards… My question, what makes it work on one side (on my Windows) and not on the other (on my Mac)? Thank you for your answers and see you soon!


You need to contact Brave support using the link below.
Please, be aware that it may take some time until they answer your ticket.

No one can know. Your profile is flagged. You did some activity with the browser that triggered the alarms in their automatic system and it flagged your profile.

Possible reasons: using VPN, using bots to increase rewards, tipping your own account, changing profile files.
I am not saying you did that. But the system detected something unusual.

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