Don't get rewards after ads

I have brave 1.5.3.
I have the rewards and ads enabled.
But i don’t get rewards. I’m using brave with rewards enabled for a month or so and nothing.

I have xiaomi redmi 4x and my android is 10.2

Hi @ymca76,

Thanks for writing in.

It sounds like your Android phone is failing SafetyNet (a check that is built into Android phones). Failing SafetyNet typically means your phone is rooted, has a custom or bootleg OS installed, etc. This is the leading cause behind “unable to claim” issues, particularly on Android.

If you could go to the Android app store and find a “SafetyNet checker” app, run it, and see if your phone passes or fails the SafetyNet check, that would be very helpful.

Are you able to try that out?

All 3 checks got “success”.

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