Don't get paid by brave for daily work!

I don’t know why when I use brave every day during my work, it shows a lot of ads but I don’t get paid bat rewards for users. Is it because my device is faulty or because you have turned off the reward mode? I’m thinking about a ponzi called Brave?

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happens sometimes with me too
i think it happens when we have seen the certain max no. of ads

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I didn’t even get the bat reward

It could depend on settings on your work, such as if using a proxy.

Could be. When you say it shows a lot of ads, where are you seeing these ads?

At first, I read it as brave was your daily work. Not sure, but you could always dm one of the support on here with your wallet details?

I’ve been following this lack of payouts for over a year & this particular issue is by far the most prominent. My initial first few months did receive a payout, however after that there were some sporadic entries but the amounts were extremely low. I have often wondered the same about Brave’s viability & if we are being told all there is to tell.
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Are they gonna support Croatia? my region is not supported…,i mean can i still earn BAT and wait unitl they accept my region and then transfer?

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