Don't get BAT Rewards

yeah lot of problems going on with BAT

I even didnt get to do that. Just received what I think was october and this congrats message

My account got flagged on my phone. Cant sync with gemini, Says it is not available on my region. Its weird cause I can sync with gemini on desktop.

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Same here. The message "Congrats your rewards have arrived” appeared today but i have never seen the past days the reward triangle test to claim by rewards. My uphold account works fine and it is shown as verified in the brave browser. The problem is that i haven’t received November rewards.

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Same problem here. checked my statement, turns out, I haven’t received anything since august 2022 but notification said “Congrats! Your [month] rewards have arrived!” every month.

what? @Mattches please into this matter. This is happening with many users including me

I am facing same issue. I raised a ticket on brave support. They have asked for event logs and some other details. I have shared those but did not receive any reply from them.

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I raised a ticket too earlier today, still no reply from their side. how i could check these event logs they ask?

Hi @MichaelStan, if you haven’t already please submit a ticket. From there we can provide further assistance and investigate your case.

Thank you!

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done. just raise the ticket

copy and paste it in your url box : brave://rewards-internals/
here you got event log box

Did your issue resolve? What did brave support team say ?

I have the same problem, it congratulates me, but I haven’t got it.

they said that my reward is deposited in my banned uphold account and contact with uphold to fix the issue. that’s it

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After more than 2 weeks that i have submitted the ticket for missing November payment still no solution from brave support side. They just asked some information that i provided them by replying back their emails which happened during the first days of the ticket. My ticket number is 171568 @steeven

Thanks @paranasa44, you’ll receive a reply today.

@steeven still no reply so far in my email

Thanks @paranasa44, just resolved your ticket.

case solved, thanks!

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