Don't discard Brave 21.24 for Mac!


I just installed v 0.22.21 and it suffers from the same problem a v 0.22.13. If I click on a URL in an email nothing happens. If I click on Brave/About Brave nothing happens.

I reinstalled v 21.24 and all the problems have disappeared. My advice: keep a copy of Brave 0.21.24 in a safe place until you are absolutely sure the latest update works.


I’ve had the same problems with v 0.22.21 on MAC 10.13.4 @HansCastorp. How can I reinstall v 21.24?


Version 0.21.24 is in this list


The workaround is to go to File > New Window first, then the tab/link will open.

Additionally, you can see this post on how to retain 0.21.24 until the issue is resolved. Please know that you may encounter other issues by utilizing the following instructions but you can try if you want:



Numpty answered your question but I’d like to suggest one additional step. After you install 0.21.24 go to Get Info (Cmd I) and lock the application. Brave, unfortunately, will update itself without you authorizing. If you lock the Brave app that can’t occur. Here’s what the Get Info looks like when locked:


Thanks very much. I’m kind of a newbie at some of this. I went to the list of where to download 21.24 for MAC but I’m not sure exactly what I should be downloading:


I can confirm this also, wrote about it here: Closing all windows on mac makes brave unusable


Hey JustSayin:

Take a look at the following and double-click on the dmg file. Any more questions? Don’t hesitate to ask.


Thank you so much. I greatly appreciate your help.

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