Don’t let native apps hijack links, keep browsing in Brave



One of the main reasons for using Brave is reducing the amount of tracking data collected.

While I have some native apps installed (e.g YouTube, TripAdvisor, some publications, Google Maps) I am using brave to search for content and expect search results to be opened in the browser rather than invoking the native app’s deep-linking.


  1. Search for a topic
  2. Click a result from YouTube
  3. YouTube app is opened, Google tracks the view and associates it with the current logged in account, and will start bothering the logged-in user with recommendations.

Expected behavior:
3. YouTube link is followed in brave as if the app was not installed. Google would track the view only if I was signed in to YouTube previously (on brave).

The only way I’ve found so far to force Brave into opening a link in Brave, is to open the link in a new tab. This is quite cumbersome to do on a regular basis though…


sadly that’s outside the control of the browser itself … iOS has some pretty annoying limitations on default apps (unlike Windows, macOS, and to a large extent Android) so unless Apple are willing to relax those rules we’re going to be stuck with manual workarounds (or jailbreaking the device, which I don’t want to do)


Thanks for your message, however this is inaccurate.

The user can already bypass the problem (apps hijacking the links) by:

  1. opening the link in a new tab (long press > open in new tab) or
  2. copying and pasting the link to the address bar.

In conjunction with my experience in iOS, I believe the team can fix this behavior and actually turn brave into a self contained browser that does not leak data to native apps, and not a browser that will “only keep your privacy if you uninstall youtube”.

P.S. Firefox Focus does not “leak” youtube links to the native app, search results open within the Firefox app.