Domain Level Script Management

Please add a feature where I can enable scripts for an entire domain; currently you are left frustrated with fast redirects as you can not enable all the scripts for “in between” pages. is an example of a site that was complicated to bypass scripts being turned off.

Not quite sure which feature is being requested here, “Blocking Scripts” will break many pages. Looking at specifically, there is around 40 different JS files, no doubt just blocking one would break the site. Is there something on Chase that we should be blocking?

I have my browser set to default block scripts, when you go to you can disable scripts. When you login, there is a different address with the same domain that scripts are blocked on and it automatically forwards to the next page which says you need a different browser. The only fix is to go into settings, find all those mid jump pages overriding scripts (which is not easy to find). I want to disable scripts on all pages by default, but have somewhere I can enter “safe domains” such as Chase. An additional option when enabling scripts on a site would be nice where I could say enable scripts for this entire domain as well.

Also, these settings do not “sync” when you use another laptop and so you have to set up all these security settings manually every time. I do not thing “safe sites” should sync as that could be bad, but it would be nice if the “block scripts” and other security settings sync’d. Then I could safelist the domains I need to safelist on the other PCs easily.

Maybe related; But blocking all scripts will cause issues. I would say using Noscript extension would be a better solution here.

So a feature exists that shouldn’t be used?

You already have the feature to allow me to enable scripts by site, why not allow me to manually edit that list by typing in domains instead of having to go to a site, then open settings, find what I need, telling it to allow scripts?,, all have to be set up individually; it’s not hard if they do not re-direct, because I can click the icon in the top, but if they re-direct to a fail page I have to dig into settings to find them.

The feature is great, lets expand it?