Domain already claimed by someone and they are denying transfer?

I own the domain, DNS, hosting - I have no idea who is currently owning this domain and I have owned this domain for a long time now.

All I can only assume is someone who had access to the domain (like our third party IT support) set this up against our permission.

I would like to

  • Have my domain transferred to my account
  • File an abuse report against the current owner for unauthorized farming of my domain and keeping it hostage by denying the transfer request

Kindly let me know where to reach out and who to reach out, I’ll provide you as much information to prove my ownership on this as needed.


Not sure why brave email says “reply to this email” when its clearly a no-reply email with autoresponder saying its not monitored.
Please also correct that while you are at it.

Aren’t you the current owner??

@steeven I have tagged brave support

Here is what happend

  • few days ago I added the domain to my account
  • braeve asked txt record verification
  • then said “ownership transfer started, will take 10 days” or something
  • today the current owner, whoever that is “denied” the transfer

I am confused how can he even deny this, he doesn’t own the domain …what even

Can you please send me a DM with the name of your channel/domain so I can take a closer look?

Thank you.

Sure, will drop you a pm.

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