Doesn't import bookmarks from Firefox


Running OS 10.11.6 - Just loaded Brave as my default, but it will not import my browser data and bookmarks from Firefox 50.1.0. Program becomes non-responsive with spinning activity wheel in motion. I have to Force Quit.

The primary reason I use Firefox is All-in-one Sidebar. Is there a plan for a sidebar on Brave?

Thanks for your help. I wish you great success.


Firefox bookmarks won't import

Did you close Firefox before importing the data?


Same issue, also Mac OS 10.11.6. Brave 0.12.15.

And yes, I had Firefox closed at the time of the import.


Thanks. I appreciate your looking into this.

Yes. closed Firefox and followed the instructions on your website. In
Firefox there is a Bookmarks Menu, a Bookmarks Toolbar, and Other
Bookmarks. I don’t understand the differentiation, but Brave only imported
a few from the top level Bookmarks Toolbar.



Biff, et al… Biff’s is a post that looked like I wrote. Same problem Mac OS 10.9.5 only some of the bookmarks are imported. Mainly the headers with none of the links within. I have thousands of bookmarks I want to transfer over, but until I can do so, I cannot use Brave as my main browser (and I really want to).

Also, ditto on the sidebar as Biff is saying. It is a very important feature for me also. Something else I’d like is a plugin that allows me to download videos from different formats into audio files. I like to listen to youtube (and other) audio files when I am driving on the road. That is a feature I use - Media Human Youtube downloader- although it doesn’t download vimeo so it would be nice to be able to download all audio files. Those two things would make Brave the browser for me.



Same issue. Mac OS 10.12.2 Won’t import Firefox bookmarks, just get the toolbar and a the links in those, but nothing from my main bookmarks list.

Would also like to see a Speeddial extension.


I’m assuming you have the issue reported here:

Would you check it and let me know if it is not?



Same problem here: When importing bookmarks from Firefox, Brave says “bookmarks successfully imported”, but that’s simply not true: there are no bookmarks at all in Brave, not in the toolbar, not in the bookmarks folder. Then I deleted the existing (manually created) bookmarks in Brave, did the import from FF again, and the same issue occured.

Brave 0.12.15
Firefox 50.1.0
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit


There are also no bookmarks in the bookmark manager (ctrl+shift+o). At least I don’t see them, but I cannot imagine that they are hidden somewhere.


Did you close Firefox before importing your data?


Yes, I did. I even checked in the Windows Task Manager that there is no Firefox process running.


I’d like to recommend to do a clean install following the steps shown here. Make sure all your data of Brave will be lost.

After that you should be able to import your bookmarks.



So I did that, uninstalled Brave and deleted the Brave app folder, downloaded an re-installed brave from, tried to import FF bookmarks, same procedure: Brave says “bookmarks successfully imported”, but that’s simply not true: there are no bookmarks at all in Brave, not in the toolbar, not in the bookmarks folder, neither in the bookmark manager.


Just to be clear, which option did you choose when you tried to import your bookmarks to Brave (“Bookmarks HTML File” or “Mozilla Firefox”)?


Mozilla Firefox

First, I tried to import the bookmarks only, no history, no cookies (failed as stated above). Now I tried to import all options – brave crashed (application is not responding). Then I tried to import bookmarks and browser history (no cookies) – brave crashed. Then I tried to import bookmarks and cookies (no browser history): It says, bookmarks successfuly imported, which is not true (same error as stated above).

[Closed] Importing data from Firefox causes a crash

Thanks for the info, @peterjohn.

There is another report here:

Still I think it can be a new bug. I’ll ask @anthony to check it out.



Also I opened another ticket here:



Right now, I was able to export bookmarks from FF in import them (HTML file) in to Brave. The problem is: all of them are in the bookmarks toolbar, and I am not able to put them to another place. In the brave menu “bookmarks” there are no bookmarks listed at all. I see all the BM in the BM Manager, but even if I move them to the folder “other bookmarks” they are not displayed in the BM menu

[Closed] Importing data from Firefox causes a crash

OK I see. I created a new thread for your issue, so let’s continue this discussion there:


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