Does VPN use cause reset of my Brave ad rewards?

My Brave ads estimated earnings occasionally resets back to zero irrespective of ads received total.

This has happened sporadically. Some months are normal and other months my ads received are in the hundreds but the estimated reward resets whenever reaching somewhere near .25 BAT.

I use Ubuntu Mate 22.04 with Brave 1.31.91

My wallet is verified with Gemini and I’ve been verified since Sep/Oct 2021 on Windows and Linux and recently verified with an Android device too.

My estimated rewards usually fairly accurately reflect what i receive but on the strange months the estimate is totally out of whack with the ads received tally.

I am using Surfshark VPN (as a Brave extension) set to auto-connect, UK (London).
I am in the UK.
Hopefully the VPN isn’t the issue as that is higher priority to me.

Incidentally, this has never happened on my Android device which also runs Surfshark always-on.

One thing that has just occured to me is i could run Surfshark manually, outside the browser and log-in every time i start up from a command line rather than using the auto-connect extension but this would be a fairly annoying workaround if even necessary.

Thanks for your work and any help you can provide.

I believe using VPNs are okay as long as you stay within your country. Another thing you may want to look at is your outdated version of Brave. Your version , 1.31.91 came out in November 2021. Since then, I believe there has been new implementations of ads and how they display and show estimated rewards etc.

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Thanks for the info.
I will look into how to update on Linux.

Just for your information, in the last 3 months the estimated rewards and actually received have been showing huge discrepancies for many users. You are not alone! :slight_smile:

It has also happened few times recently that Brave has distributed extra BAT in order to compensate for the known issues. Some lucky users have received more than what has initially been estimated.


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