Does viewing Brave ads earn Brave money?

Silly question probably, but I see so many people apparently “earning” money from Brave ads and complaining about not getting some kind of payouts. Personally, I don’t care about any payouts, what I care is supporting Brave’s mission. So, is viewing them ads helping Brave at all?


Brave takes a 30 % cut on ads, and a bonus 5 % cut on tips.


Problem is Brave have said they are going to provide rewards. In my case no rewards have ever been forthcoming and that is over a 12 month period. Every Comment I have ever read has been the same. All i have got is endless excuses. They have also tried to force people to kyc via other wallets, nothing crypto about that, if you think Gemini would not be tracking your wallet then you are delusional. So it is really a question of trust if they clearly cant do what they said they were going to do with the token & rewards then it is unlikely that they are protecting your privacey. integrity is not something that you have some of the time.

People do not earn “money”, people earn rewards in the form of a virtual token called vBAT. If they open an account in Uphold or Gemini(US) they will be able to automatically convert these vBAT to the crypto token BAT and then they can exchange it for any other token or for “money”.

Yes, when you view ads your are supporting Brave. The main source of income for Brave is advertising. Although they also have other sources of income like subscriptions for VPN, Brave Talk, etc.
You do not really need to click on the ads. As far as they are displayed to you in new tabs, Brave news or push notifications, Brave is getting their share and you get rewards.