Does using brave on phone and desktop give dual reward or single?

Hello Helpful and Kind People…i was wondering should i start using brave on my phone as well? will i get 2x the rewards?..does it hinder the ad flow rate if we use it simultaneously at two places or is it independent of the pc version with the same account logged in…do share with me some tips and tricks as well…Thank u so much in advanced…

@CJ19 Yes you could receive the reward from both devices. But do not use more than 4 devices or Profiles with one verified wallet account, your wallet will be flagged. I recommend using only two devices in case you change your devices later, because once you linked a device it’s will count as 1 even you stop using it or disconnected your wallet, it still remembers the old device. And do not try to sync your reward from your phone and pc or back up your wallet by using the 12 letter code. There were still known problem about that.

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thank u so much …it really helped …god bless you…take care…all the best for your future :innocent:

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