Does touch ID work in brave?

Hi, using a mac and my company’s 2-factor authentication allows touch ID; works on chrome but when I try it on Brave, I only see something about plugging in a USB. Does Brave not support touch ID (finger print)? I thought it was the same bones as chrome…

Thanks in advance for the info.

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Can you be more specific? What are you trying to use touch ID for in Brave and where are you trying to use it?

Trying to use biometric authenticator (touch ID) for okta verify in all of our SSO apps. On chrome, the 2nd (top) dialog gives a choice, USB or TouchID; In Brave, it defaults to USB and there’s no option to choose Touch ID.


To expand on this topic, Brave does not seem to integrate the MacBook’s TouchID functionality into the new WebAuthn WC3 framework as so-called ‘Platform attachment’ (try it at
To do so, Brave would need to use the TouchID as a secure element for implementing a U2F security key.

Seeing as this new WebAuthn is genuinely something to get excited about, forgoes the use of passwords and thus thwarts the most common approach of hacking (password-stealing), it would be awesome if Brave supported this internet-safer future by including MacBook’s built-in fingerprint sensor as authenticator.

For reference, Google Chrome (> M70) does include this functionality as shown here;

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