Does the recipient of a translated webform see the original or the translation?

When you translate (to English) a webpage that consists of a form on which you’ve made entries in a foreign language, and the form is then submitted to another party, do they see the original or the translated version?

Translation is only done on your side typically. However, anything that you type in will be submitted to them. So let’s just say that I went to a Spanish website and they had the Spanish form. I don’t speak English, so I had Brave translate the site for me into English so I could see what the questions were. I put all my answers in their text boxes but I answered in English. They will see the Spanish version of their questions, but my English typed answers.

The only time that they would see what you see is if you saved a document like a PDF. So if I translated that PDF from Spanish into English, and then save it in that format, then they will get what I saved. But I’m assuming you’re just talking about the normal websites with the text box replies .

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@Saoiray Thanks. What happened in my case was that I had prepared offsite a secure message in German. I then copied-&-pasted it into the message editor at the website, where it was immediately auto-translated. I then clicked the ‘submit’ button without thinking whether it would now be submitted in German (what I wanted) or in English.

In that case, would the receiving party get the original German that I had pasted into the message editor, or the auto-translated English?

@mk7z If the text was in the text box was translated beforehand, then that’s what they’d be seeing. Basically whatever was written before you submitted it is what language they’ll see it in.

Es ist wie diese Nachricht hier. Ich habe das alles auf Englisch getippt. Ich habe jedoch den Übersetzer benutzt, um diesen Absatz ins Deutsche zu übertragen. Das Ergebnis ist, dass Sie den ersten Absatz auf Englisch und den zweiten Absatz auf Deutsch sehen.

What you see prior to submitting is exactly what they will see (unless their form submits through a translation service, which a small subset of companies will do at times)

@Saoiray Thanks, I thought the translation (especially if an auto-translation) might be client-side only.
I’ll have to do some damage control. They don’t like receiving comms in English.
Auto-translate can be dangerous. I better keep it turned off.

It generally is. The issue though is you said you pasted in text and it then translated it, right? If so, then it’s still client side. But once you submit it, it shares to them. I’ve not used the translation part of Brave often yet, but I wouldn’t think it would automatically translate your text. Usually it requires you to ask it to translate. So that part is a bit confusing.

@Saoiray My thinking must have been something like:

I’ve just dropped German text into the message editor.

The auto-translate option is displaying English translation – for me.

But when I press ‘Send’ what will be sent is what I originally dropped into the editor.

Faulty logic, perhaps.

I was referring to this option:

  • Always Translate _______ (desired language):
    Tells the translation feature to always translate pages into _____ (desired language) automatically (without the need to select the prompt again).

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