Does the open tabs sync actually work ? Has it ever worked for you?

As a follow up for this above thread, i was thinking about how to reduce cpu stress on the VM, General Browsing is flawless on vm and everything feels like im on my host computer however i dont like the spike when im playing videos on vm due to specifically lack of gpu support so i thought of using brave sync where i open like 20+ video tabs on vm and with sync being ON for both VM and host computer, all of the video tabs which are being opened on VM will also be opened in the new brave profile which i created on the host computer

i created a profile 1st on W11 running on vm and installed few extensions, bookmarked few urls and visited some sites… then, created a new sync code, copied it and then created a new profile on host computer, copied over the sync code ->> Extensions which i had on vm automatically got installed on host computer’s new profile, theme also got installed, bookmarks and history aswell… however, open tabs aren’t syncing… the tabs which are being opened in vm arent being opened in host computer automatically in real time… so just wondering, has it ever worked for you ?

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