Does the desktop version of Brave block adverts or not?

Hi Brave Community

Does the Brave desktop version support ad-blocking like the Android version or not?

On my Android phone, if I tap the Brave icon I see the following Shield options:
Block Ads & Tracking
HTTPS Everywhere
Block 3rd party cookies
Block Scripts
Fingerprinting Protection

But on the desktop version, I see the following:
Cross-site trackers blocked
Connections upgraded to HTTPS
Scripts blocked
Cross-site cookies blocked
Device recognition attempts blocked

These seem more confusing in their wording than the Android version. So on the desktop version does “Cross-site trackers blocked” also block adverts or not? If so, can I suggest the UI text in the desktop version get renamed to match the Android version as the wordings used on Android for each option are far-more logical in explaining what they do.

If the desktop one doesn’t support ad-blocking, I can install an add-on I guess… but would be a shame as this is the main reason I use Brave on Android.


Browser version:
Brave 1.2.43
Chromium: 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Parent OS: Ubuntu Linux (64-bit) 19.10

Of course, it’s blocking ads too. Actually, the one on desktop is the “updated” one. The wording on Android version is the one that require an update to match the desktop version.

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