Does the custom background feature have a file size Limit?

I want to change my background but when I try it doesn’t switch. Maybe the file size is too big? (24MB)jpeg.

Hi and welcome to the community. Can you please provide your Brave and OS version displayed at brave://version which will help either a community member (like me) or support staff troubleshoot your issue.

I am going to provide additional information that may help.

That is huge and that may be your problem. I could not locate any information per file size limits. To test if the file size may be the problem:

  • Have you tried reducing the size?
  • Have you tried a different background that is smaller?

These two topics also had issues saving background images. Are either of them related to your issue?

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My Brave is up to date and I use Windows 11
I did come to a solution where I went to the file and took a screenshot of it using the snipping tool and used it. I did have other files around 7-14MBs and they worked. So I think the limit is around 15-17MBs

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Glad you were able to load the background even if you didn’t get a definitive answer to your topic question. Take care. :smiley:

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