Does the BAT earned from ads ever expire?

I just got my first payout of 5 BAT, and it is considered a grant, so my question is that, is this similar to the free token grant that would’ve expired if we didn’t use it, or do we get to hold onto these tokens for as long as we please?
(Preferably I am hoping to hold onto my tokens until a KYC model comes out and I can send the tokens to a third party coin wallet from the browser)


@Andyman115 Thanks for recahing out. Grants earned from Ads will not expire. Grants will be there in wallet untill you use it. Ads grants expiry date in the UI is removed now, fix is already available in the latest released version 0.63.55.



My friends tipped total 489 BAT tokens to my YouTube Channel. But I did not receive all BAT tokens which are tipped. I received only 57 BAT tokens so far. So, I would like to know that why it is not transferring? @gsarvadnya
If he open the browser on his computer, will browser reconnect to server for contribute tokens again which is estimated?
Looking forward hearings from you soon

cc @Mattches @Asad For further assistence.

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