Does syncing devices lower Brave reward?


I was getting roughly $7-$8 month in Brave Rewards, then I synced another browser that I only occasionally use (just to get some extra rewards), and my monthly reward last month was only $1-$2. This month looks like it will be about the same. Should I unsync the second device/browser? Or was the rewards program possibly revamped or something?


Maybe I disassociated my Uphold Wallet for the primary device. Is there a way to check to see if they are connected properly, and if that’s the case, a way to reconnect? See image below. I already clicked on the “Continue to Verify” link and it takes me to Uphold, no problem.

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Does syncing devices lower Brave reward

if you go to brave://rewards-internals you can check

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Thanks, John.

Looks valid, except I’m not sure what this really means:

Total balance 0 BAT
bitFlyer Wallet: 0 BAT
Rewards BAT: 0 BAT
Uphold Wallet: 0 BAT

When I go to brave://rewards/, it says:

Estimated pending rewards    0.145BAT  0.10 USD
Next payment date    Jun 5
Ads received this month   19

Seems really low, but maybe also inconsistent?

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@bek sorry I wasn’t clear, I was meaning for you to check on the wallet status in the external wallet info

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This actually was my first experience using an external wallet, and I used to get prompted all the time about the wallet, but not anymore. I can’t remember the passphrase I created long ago, either. Is there perhaps a way to create a new wallet and connect that to Uphold?

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I bet it has become disconnected or something. Shouldn’t I see my wallet here?

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Okay, I created a new wallet and saved my recovery phrase. How can I connect it to my Uphold account?

I’m talking about this external wallet info

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That’s the same page where this info came from, pretty sure.

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I just created a new Wallet. It seems to be automatically connected. We’ll see if that works. Thanks.

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