Does my browser or computer have to be on for payments to go through?


Does my browser or computer have to be on for payments to go through?


Yes @Flazky Brave must be open for payments to go through.



How long does it take? And how does the “next contribution” work? Is it based off the local machine time, or server side? I tried changing the contribution date to a future date, and it says “overdue” but the funds did not go through.


Hi @Flazky

How long has it been saying ‘Overdue’? Typically if you have at least 30 minutes of browsing time, the contribution will try to take place within 24-48 hours of your contribution date. How did you try to move the contribution date?



I am changing the local time of my computer to the contribution date. The browser gets updated to show “overdue” but afterwards it changes to a new contribution date 1 month in the future with the funds not going through.


Did you claim some of the free BAT this week? If so, did you have funds in your wallet prior to claiming the BAT?



No, this is a brand new account created 2 days ago. I did not have any funds other than the claimed 10 BAT.


Ok, this is why you can’t make a contribution. You will not be able to contribute until at least 30 days from claiming the BAT. You have 90 days from when the BAT is claimed to be able to contribute.



Yes, but is the 30 day prerequisite determined server side on brave’s servers, ethereum’s ledger, or is it determined by my local machine?


Also, I would like to know if the wallet created by brave browser is a wallet on the ethereum ledger? And if so, how am I able to gain access to the private keys of the wallet? If not, then where does the wallet derive from?


Brave wallet is only available in the Brave browser. It is unidirectional. Brave BAT Wallets are provided through a partnership with Uphold.

Additionally, 30 days is determined by Brave servers.

Here are some FAQs you might find useful:



Okay. I also wanted to ask if publishers are able to determine who contributed to them, and if brave tracks any metrics related to the publisher such as amount they received in contributions, ip address, contributor identities etc…?


Well, yes, Publishers will find out the

because that amount is deposited into their Uphold accounts. I don’t think there’s a way to contribute to publishers without them knowing the amount (total) they receive.

However IP addresses and contributor identities are not known. All transaction IP addresses are anonymized with technology from PrivateInternetAccess.

I hope this helps.



My mistake. What I meant to ask was if Brave or Uphold will record this information, as I do understand Brave is trying to provide a private and anonymous browser. As such, would Brave or Uphold record/collect data such as publisher income, users contribution amounts, and contributor demographics relative to publishers?

And if Brave/Uphold does, what rights do they have to our data? Will they be able to sell it or how will they be using our data?


I think your best bet is to review the terms and conditions:

Uphold has similar documentation on their site



Yes, I read the TOS of both the Brave browser and Uphold, but I just wanted to confirm it with a brave employee. That in fact, data such as publisher income, users contribution amounts, and contributor demographics will remain anonymous and that Brave and Uphold will not be collecting and storing this data for any use. As per section 7. Privacy.


The Terms of Service were crafted (with generous legal oversight) to reflect the ideological positions espoused by Brave regarding the importance of protecting anonymity and user-privacy. We have every intention to operate in accordance with this outline. After all, we set the expectations when we decided what the ToS would say. And as always, we’re open source, and warmly welcome any and all scrutiny :smiley:


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