Does Leo have access to the internet?

I am trying to figure out if the Leo premium can access the internet to give the most up to date responses? I could not find a Leo category to post in. Thanks

Brave Leo Feedback

Yes and no. It can access pages to do things like summarize and all. But it’s not necessarily fully unleashed yet. Also depends on if speaking of free version or premium. I do know they were speaking of plugging in Leo with Brave Search.

As it stands though, much of the responses that seem to be given are off of past training and it’s still in a learning and preparation stage. Essentially, Leo is still kind of in beta.

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Ok thanks. Was wondering if it can compete with Bing yet. I would be willing to pay for something like Bing chat without all the spying that microsoft does - and even more willing if I could pay with crypto.

@bravoguy None of the Leo models will provide sources for its answers. Of the models, Claude has been the most up-to-date and helpful. However, it’s very clear that it can’t access the internet yet. For example, I went with a major trending news story: Donald Trump.

But of course, answer would be:

So it couldn’t answer if Donald Trump has ever filed for a directed verdict, let alone a 5th one.

Or touching on the whole Israel and Gaza thing, this is all it can say:

You would think there’d be mention of hostage trades, the ceasefire, etc. Heck, even any mention of things that happened here in December. But you see it’s missing. So yeah…definitely a work in progress.

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Thanks, that was the clarification I was looking for.

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