Does importing bookmarks overwrite current BRAVE bookmarks?


When you import bookmarks from another browser, will these be added to your existing BRAVE bookmarks, or will they overwrite the current ones?

Also, can BRAVE Core bookmarks be imported to BRAVE Dev?

@Mattches I vote for ‘bookmarks’ as a tag (in community posts).



You will be adding to your existing rather than over writing when using the importer.

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Not yet. An issue logged to add other channels as an option for import.

As a workaround, you can export your bookmarks as HTML and import it to Brave Dev.

Also, brave-core is a “project name” for all current Brave Browser channel which is on version 0.59.x and higher (Stable, Beta, and Dev). :wink:



Thanks. I’d only started seeing “Brave Core” mentioned fairly recently, so I thought the devs had decided to call the standard release “Core.”

Is there any advantage to using the Dev version rather than the standard one, other than potentially being able to try out new features earlier?

It’s fair to assume that the standard version has fewer ‘issues,’ isn’t it?



More or less, yes. Basically, any feature or fix implemented will (from an end-user perspective) first hit Dev channel --> Beta --> Release unless there’s an issue found in one of the builds prior to hitting release.

You can replace the Brave-dev profile data with your Brave-release profile data, but you cannot import it in. That is - you would be overwriting browsing data rather than adding to it.



Thanks. Can’t I just run Brave Standard instead of Brave Dev (without messing with profiles)?

I guess you meant if I want all the same content that I’ve accrued in Dev to now be in Standard if I switch to using that. (?)

Are there instructions on how to do that?



You can replace the Brave-dev profile data with your Brave-release profile data, but you cannot import it in.

Pinging someone (anyone who knows) to explain how to do this.

Is it just a matter of locating one’s ‘profile’ file in one version (e.g., Dev) & replacing the existing profile file for the other version (e.g., Standard) with that one?



So we’re trying to get data from Brave Release —> Brave Developer.

Basically, you’re replacing/renaming the profile folders like so:

In this scenario, “Backup” is essentially making a safe copy of these folders. I’d move a copy somewhere like “Desktop” so they’re easy to find.

After performing those actions, Brave Dev build should now launch with the same browsing/profile/saved data you had in your Release Channel installation. Does this make sense?
Note: I would recommend making a “Time Machine” backup point on your macOS before attempting - just in case something goes awry.



Thanks, I’ll try to get to that before the day is over.

BTW, I prefer the ‘how to’ still shots to the ‘movies.’ I can never quite see what’s going on in latter. Mostly because everything is tiny but also because the steps & transitions go by pretty fast. Whereas a sequence of still images works fine.



Noted. I assume you came to this conclusion but in any Community post, you can click on an image to enlarge it. I can also break down screen recordings into smaller (but more) chunks that may be easier for you to follow.

Regardless, let me know if this works for you.



Thanks. I don’t think I’ve noticed that clicking an ‘image’ enlarges it, because normally I don’t have to with screenshots, etc.

If only clicking on a ‘video’ (animated GIF, etc.) stopped the image & allowed one to enlarge it as a ‘still,’ with another click (or ‘Exit’ button) picking the video up where you left off.



So we’re trying to get data from Brave Release —> Brave Developer.

Actually I’ve discovered that I don’t have any bookmarks in the Release version, which I’ve only started using again recently (usually alongside the Dev version). <-- NOTE: I couldn’t type a ‘v’ in either of those two words, had to copy-&-paste it. So bizarre.…Now it’s working again… vvvvvvvvvv

Is there a way I can reclaim my bookmarks from the Muon version? (That’s where they all were.)



Sure is!
See the section in this article about transferring Muon bookmarks into Brave.

If you still have Brave Muon installed (and haven’t removed/deleted any folders containing Muon data), you should be able to follow the standard instructions for using the Import feature to retrieve bookmarks from Muon.

Both of these will be much easier than the methods mentioned above.



Thanks. I didn’t do anything to the version I had (which was Muon) but weren’t the Muon versions auto-updated, meaning the prior installation was replaced by the Chromium version?

In any event I obviously don’t have the Muon version installed anymore.

Brave is up to date
Version 0.59.35 Chromium: 72.0.3626.81 (Official Build) (64-bit)



Your profile data may still be hanging around though - it remains unless you elect to remove it in addition to the program itself during the uninstall process.

Check to see if you can find a brave folder on your machine, full path would be ~Users\[YourUserName]\Library\ApplicationSupport\brave.

Let me know if you can locate that folder. If so, its highly likely your old browsing data is still intact and stored there.



Hi, yes it’s there & I see the file referred to in the help doc (“For users who had issues migrating data from Brave Muon to Brave Core”):


The most recent date changes for the files in that folder, including the one above, show January 22.
I don’t know what happened then. It’s possible that was when I first went back to the non-Dev version to run it in parallel with Dev (since I was having problems with Dev).

I don’t recall doing anything other than running it from the Dock icon but it’s possible I responded to a prompt to update it.

I never saw any mention of Muon v. Chromium, though.



Great! Now we need to grab that data.

I actually just assisted a different user with this issue and informed him that he needed to have the program (Muon) still installed in order for it to appear in the importer but testing on my end I don’t think that’s the case after all. Lets find out!

Launch Brave, Main menu --> Bookmarks --> Import bookmarks and settings and select Brave (old) from the drop down menu. Click import and you should be good to go.

Let me know if you’re successful.



Thanks. I already have both Standard & Dev running.

If I understand you I’m importing to the current Standard version to get the data back to where it came from (sort of). IOW, from Muon Standard to Chromium Standard.

If that works I’d then do the same in Dev, in that case importing from the Standard version that’s just regained its data to Dev?



This project took a nap.

I found that I still have Brave-0.23.19.dmg (July 3, 2018) on my hard drive.

Will that make reclaiming my Brave Muon bookmarks (by copying them to Brave Core/Chromium) any simpler?

Just to be clear, this would be to import the bookmarks from Muon to the current standard release, not to Dev. If I did an import to Dev, I think I’d get too confused by the ‘tree’ structure, whereas my standard release version is a blank slate.

Or would it be better to use the method in your previous post (“Launch Brave, Main menu --> Bookmarks --> Import bookmarks and settings”… etc.)?




:point_up: Try this first. If unsuccessful, launch Muon, Menu --> Bookmarks --> Export Boookmarks (as HTML), then launch Brave Core (new) and go to Menu --> Bookmarks Import --> Bookmarks HTML file