Does 'Import Bookmarks' work in BRAVE Dev?

I’ve been trying to import my BRAVE bookmarks into BRAVE Dev.

Each time, a prompt to “Close Brave” (as shown below) appears.

Even with all BRAVE Dev windows closed the same dialog box remains on-screen, no matter how many times I click “Try Again”.

Nothing else happens. No evidence that any BRAVE bookmarks were imported.

Known issue?
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I’ve not heard of this behavior before. When I attempt to import bookmarks, I’m not asked to close any windows:

Did you attempt to import in the same way as in my example above?

Yes as far as I can tell.

There don’t seem to be a lot of ways one can go wrong, but you get a nice big checkmark when you do it, and all I get is a prompt to close all BRAVE windows, a prompt that then seems ‘stuck’ even after I’ve done that.

Could this be a ‘Mac’ issue or has it been tested on a Mac?

Also, don’t know if relevant, but the bookmarks I’m trying to import are my BRAVE bookmarks – i.e., pulling from BRAVE to BRAVE Dev.

Just to make sure @mk7z,

When you trying to import your Brave* browser data to Brave Developer**, please make sure you close/terminate all Brave* windows/process.

(*) The current Brave, v0.23.107 or v0.23.105
(**) Developer version of Brave-core

So I have to close all windows in both BRAVE and BRAVE Dev for Import Bookmarks to work?

Up above @Mattches wrote that he had no idea why I was even seeing that prompt (“I’ve not heard of this behavior before. When I attempt to import bookmarks, I’m not asked to close any windows.”).

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Sorry, perhaps I wasn’t clear on what you were going for. Were you attempting to import your bookmarks from your Brave profile associated with the live release?
Because that would explain why you’re seeing the error. I imagine you only have to close any live release Brave windows in order to accomplish this (that is, you shouldn’t have to close any Brave Dev windows).
Can you test to confirm?

Thanks. If I understand you, the windows I have to close are those in BRAVE, rather than the ones in BRAVE Dev., which is what I thought the prompt referred to (and the windows I did close were those).

Is that always required to import bookmarks to another browser – i.e., all open windows in the source browser have to be closed first?

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I think this may only apply when importing from Brave, will test to confirm shortly.

Update: the solution is to quit Brave (old) entirely, rather than just closing all windows. So after no more active windows of Brave, makes sure you close the main process. There should be no “dot” under the icon if this was accomplished:


Many thanks.

All went okay. I’m totally in BRAVE Dev now, bookmarks intact (looks that way at least).

So now… Let’s see what happens in the Brave New World of Dev. :wink:

Appreciate all the assistance.


Not exactly what you guys are looking for. But I always export my bookmarks from a browser as a html file and then import to the Brave Dev. This works for me all the time for all Brave browsers (Brave release, Beta and Dev).
Forgot to add. By doing this way I do not need to close any browser.


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Thanks. I wondered about doing it that way.

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