Does clearing all of browsing data including cache, site settings will also reset brave stats and delete Sidebar data?

Do not answer by guessing, only answer it if you know it for sure

if i choose to delete all of these, does brave stats and sidebar data also get reset ?

i dont want the brave stats to be reset or lose the sidebar pinned sites…

I don’t know the answer to your question as Brave stats and the sidebar are not something I use, however I wouldn’t leave “Passwords and other sign-in data” ticked, as this will permanently delete all your saved passwords across all your devices that are synced with Brave sync. If they are not backed up somewhere else, they will be gone for good.

@PDC I know, i was mainly asking this question because of sidebar data, New tab Pinned sites and Brave Stats(i dont wanted to lose them)

Also, its Not recommended to select the “Site and Shields Settings” as it will end up resetting the Zoom Levels for each and individual sites.

I mainly wanted to do this because the Brave browser storage in Appdata/Local almost reached 5gb+ and i thought clearing these old data will free up space and could make it easy for me to clone the exact Architecture copy of Windows 8.1 for Windows 11 Supernova VM aswell

After not receiving Proper confirmation, I decided to take the risk by myself And clearing these data seem to freed up like 1.2 GB+

This was done only for 1 profile, i have few other profiles left which i will do it soon

And as for this thread’s question which is posted,

Does clearing all of browsing data including cache, site settings will also reset brave stats and delete Sidebar data?

No, it did not Reset the Brave Stats or sidebar data , this is the case with chromium 109, im not sure if this behavior is changed in the later versions of brave, but for anyone, if you don’t want to lose anything, create a test profile 1st, use it for 2 days, perform an experiment test with it before you do it on the main profile

what are the other inconveniences which you will face while you clear these data?

  1. Most of the sidebar favicons will be lost, just load the site and favicons will be back again on the sidebar.

For Examples, Logo of a site will be changed to a letter/character

load the site and Logo will be back

  1. For pinned items, if you chosen “Frequently Visited”, All of the data will be vanished…

But if you added favorites manually, those sites will still stay there, only the favicons will be lost but as is said for the previous point, just load the site and the logo will be back.

I will see how space is gained after clearing the old data of another big profile of brave which i am using…

I have cleared the data of another 1 profile aswell and it seems like it ended up gaining 1.3gb+ free space…

i am just wondering how to bring those 496,954 files count to something lower, i am not sure why these files count continue to stay as high as it was before even after clearing most of these old data… Maybe it’s just a chromium thing?..

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