Does Brave support Automation?


I just discovered this amazing browser.

I’m a software developer, and would like to know if Brave can be automated. In other words, make a kind of integration with other Windows applications, to use the browser to show HTML content according to the other applications needs.

This may be in a normal browser window (external) but preferably also inside the application (internal). For example we can show Google Maps in a window inside our application, where we can call a “webview” component from IE to show the HTML content. The desktop user doesn’t even notice IE is running, but sees the HTML inside our application.

Is something similar possible with Brave?

Regards, Gerrit

Brave is a Chromium fork with an adapted UI and some other additional features. So basically you would use the Blink rendering engine to render whatever content you want to show. If you would like to integrate an HTML viewer into any kind of program or app you would call the rendering engine and let it display you content.

So I would suggest to look how to integrate Chromium’s Blink renderer into external programs. That might be would you are looking for.

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