Does brave still use the sugarcoat feature?


I recently came across Brave’s paper regarding Sugarcoat and its implementation and I was amazed by the feature.

I was wondering if Brave is still shipping with this feature, as I have read in this article that it has been rollbacked recently and I was not able to find any news of its release.

Similarly, I saw that in the repository for brave, the brave-sugarcoat.txt file only contains 2 websites for the feature.

Thank you for any clarification on this matter! I would also like to inquire where I can raise concerns as I am trying to replicate the sugarcoat-pipeline and there seems to be an error within its unit tests.

Thank you once again!

Let me tag in @Mattches on this as I’m sure he’ll have more info for you or can at least tag in the right person/people who can help on more info.

I’m actually not sure about the status of this — asking the team now


Yeah, sugarcoat-pipeline fails unit tests because of underlying changes in the pagegraph files we generate when we crawl a website. These changes are pretty down in the weeds of sugarcoat, so it’s on my list of things to get to, but I just haven’t had time to get to it.

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I see, is there anything I can do to help? I would love to contribute to it in my free time. is the underlying sugarcoat code, which currently fails on the new type of PageGraph graphs. You can test this out by running the tests on sugarcoat-pipeline, like you said. Another way of doing it is to point pagegraph-crawl to any website; this will generate PageGraph graphs for that website, and you can then debug running SugarCoat on those graphs.