Does Brave Search gets better as more people use it?

I am confused on how Brave Search engine index works but my question is the title, does it build up from user searches? so the higher number of users and the more number of queries it keeps getting better?

I am very interesed to make Brave Search a new pillar of the internet because since the dawn of the internet we did not have a privacy focused search engine alternative to what the big tech have. All the “privacy” searches are big tech. reliant. Need to break the monopoly.


Can a nice mod or a Brave developer answer this question so we at least encourage others to use Brave and gets better along the way?

I presume the more users, the more metrics and analytics Brave can collect. This will allow them to evaluate their search performance and identify areas of improvement.

In addition, the more users, the more resources Brave will be willing to dedicate to a booming service/product, and the closer Brave will be rolling out its search advertising roadmap and properly funding/profiting from Brave Search.