Does Brave purge inactive Sync Codes?

I’ve lost access to my sync account (code). But luckily, I have my passwords backed up. So I was also wondering if Brave purges inactive codes or if there’s a way to identify get my sync code back for the IP address, which I highly doubt.


I also posted here, was told this is a good place.

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@Synther Brave does eventually purge sync accounts if they sit inactive for a period of time. I forget what the time period is set to, but I think it’s about 1 year, just don’t quote me on that.

Sync codes are not anything that anyone can find for you. It would be generated on your devices and never able to be seen for anyone else. There’s definitely not a way for Brave to see, isolate, and access your information or sync. Think of the privacy and security implications if they could. And IP address has nothing to do with sync.

Just to confirm, how so? Like did you have only one device on the sync chain and you no longer have access to the device, uninstalled Brave, or reformatted that device? If you had multiple devices using sync, then you should be able to generate your code on one of them. I’m just wanting to make sure I am fully understanding your situation.

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I lost when I was in the middle of installing my Linux distribution I made. I just forgot about brave, but I did luckily have my passwords in my Android device, mind you it’s an old version. But I use Firefox mainly with iOS keychain. So I don’t think I lost anything of value.

Ah, ok. Part of me was just hoping you had the expired code or something and I was going to say you could still access with that. But yeah, if nothing then out of luck. Glad to hear not losing anything significant at least.

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I just hope that nobody can access my data form the sync code