Does Brave pull in patches from Ungoogled Chromium still?

I’m wondering if this ticket is still being honored:
Is Brave still patching from Ungoogled?

  1. If so, what security benefits does Brave offer over Ungoogled Chromium? I’ve read but the page isn’t exactly up-to-date, in the section where both browsers are compared, the page points to aforementioned links in a hyperlink describing an issue from years ago describing how Brave pulls in from Ungoogled and Ungoogled pulls in some patches from Brave, but I must ask; How far ahead is Brave in security, compared to Ungoogled Chromium now?
  2. Where can I read the technical explanations for improvements Brave has that aren’t in Ungoogled Chromium?
  3. I think the official Brave documentation should cover an exhaustive comparison, as I’m fairly certain Brave is in fact ahead of the curve in this regard (security, privacy, etc.)

V: Latest version.

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