Does Brave obfuscates URLs? Hoping 1Password autofill to work


For very long time Brave doesn’t work with 1Password’s autofill keyboard.

I was on 1Password’s forum the other day and saw this post mentioning Brave and Firefox Focus not working with 1Password’s autofill. Recently Firefox Focus got supported so I posted some further question on the thread. But they are saying Brave obfuscate URLs. Is there anything can be done on Brave’s end to hopefully have 1Password accessibility autofill to work?


Hi @DH3mQn82, I’m not sure if Brave on Android support 1Password. Will looping-in @Serg or @LaurenWags for confirmation.


What’s your device and Android OS? And which version of Brave are you using?



Thank you @eljuno.

Hi @LaurenWags, thank you for the quick follow up.

Device: Nexus 6P
OS: Android 8.1
Brave Version: 1.0.39


We don’t have 1Password support on Android, we have LastPass. We are going to look on that.


Thank you for looking into this,@Serg. I see an update from 1Password’s developer regarding autofill support for Brave Android. It turned out they do have to add Brave to 1Password’s list of known browsers in order to have autofill. Could you kind of confirm condition 1 and 2 mentioned on 1Password’s forum are meet in Brave?

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