Does brave hide my location? My Instagram and Facebook account are compromised

I logged in to facebook and instagram. Not a phishing URL. That was in February, nothing suspicious.

But recently, I got an email from Facebook and it’s in Russian. I suspect something here. Then someone from Russia successfully logged into my FB account and added some people and following some website. Crap, I knew I was compromised. So I changed my password and reverting those activities.

Then I got my instagram compromised, they wanted me to change my password, so I changed them again, and I have to change the FB password again. I did check if 2FA is activated and yes they are activated in every platform. Weird thing, how these hackers are able to bypass my 2FA?

I didn’t turn on VPN, and I didn’t installed VPN on Brave (only in secondary browser like chrome lol). However I wonder, does Brave hide my location? I got sus login from all platform besides FB and IG when using Brave.

Another question is, Have any of you (devs) get cyberattacked recently?

Depends here, a site getting your IP address or using browser location services is still possible. Using a trusted VPN service would mitigate this. I’ll get warnings (often from facebook, google) that my account was access outside of my home country, but this was only because I used a VPN on one of the computers.

Installing 2FA for all your services is the best protection, if an option using a security key (Ubikey/Solokey) for added security. Don’t use SMS 2FA

You may still get warnings if a hacker attempted to reset your password/access your account, but if you have 2FA enabled it should be safe. All of my passwords saved in the password manager are completely random and long, and locked behind a 2FA password manager and ubikey.

Just general info,

  1. I would reset any password with randomised chars, and ensure they’re long. (15+ chars)
  2. Secure the password manager and VPN with 2FA

Should check your details on:

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