Does Brave hate StartPage?



New Brave user as of today. My preferred search engine is StartPage, and it’s listed in your Preferences. I checked it, and made startpage my default search engine as well as my homepage. But it will not appear in your browser. I get a blank white page instead.

Like many people, I hate Google. Can StartPage be made to work? What’s the trick?

Thanks in advance

Dell Optiplex 3010 64-bit, Windows 7


I just tested this on OS X and Windows and wasn’t able to reproduce the issue.

We do have an issue where users will occasionally see a blank page, perhaps you are experiencing that.

We certainly don’t hate StartPage. :slight_smile:

Please try opening a new window, go to and let us know how it turns out. Thanks!


Thanks Alex! That’s it, seeing the blank page, but StartPage is still there, running. So it’s working OK.

One more quick thing relative to starting up: I’d like a quick launch icon in my tool tray at the bottom of the PC screen. I tried clicking and dragging the desktop icon to the tray as I did with Chrome and Firefox, but it refused to stick. Is there a trick for the quick launch icon? Googled this to no avail.


You’ll need to right-click on the icon while it is in the taskbar and choose ‘Pin this program to taskbar’

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Similarly, you can pin it to your Start menu:

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