Does brave continue torrenting after i close the tab?

So basically I was downloading a Linux ISO file via in built in torrent thing and i closed the tab before it was done, then when i did CTRL + SHIFT + T (reopen last tab) I could choose to start torrenting or save the torrent file, now I’m curious if the download still continues in the background or does it automatically stop if I close the tab, and if it continues how do i stop it? I don’t want it continue seeding since I don’t want my ip being public the whole time

i think save the torrent then open with bittorrent is better than leave it to browser

still didn’t really answer my question. i was wondering if it continues seeding if i close the tab

No, closing the tab will cease seeding.
Webtorrent files are stored and run directly in memory - once you close the tab, that memory is freed and content removed.