Does Brave burn your BAT when you link your account to Gemini?

I’ve been using brave for over a year; and accumulated 19.5 bat aproximately total of aproximately 7.50$. I linked my account finally, but as soon as I did that my bat has dissapeared from my Browser wallet, and is not showing up in gemini or on the browser. Do they burn the tokens when you sign up for gemini as some sort of cruel joke?

It goes from your browser to getting queued for payment. Then arrives and is paid out. Can’t show balance in browser because it’s no longer in your browser.

Btw, sounds like your new enough to Brave. I’d suggest you read through the FAQ when you find time. It’s a good little introduction to some basics.

Ok thanks for the tip. Do not plan to stay long. Just wanted my question answered by the support team. But they don’t have a email… Thanks for the offer and friendly approach but I do not support communism in any form. I wish there was a regular form of support. But I undestand why you wouldn’t want to pay any one to do so…

First off, they have a support team that works here and on social media.

Secondly, they may not advertise a “” as they used to, but they do have Support Tickets you create by filling out their form at

This is why I say it would help you to look at the FAQ so you’ll one what you’re talking about.

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