Does Brave Browser Hide Your Machine Details As Well As Your IP Address


When you using Brave as well as hiding your IP address does it also hide your machine/computer details from trackers and websites?



The following website will give an idea of what your Internet browser reveals:

Articles re your concern:

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  1. You cannot hide your IP adress when browsing the web. You have to be connected through TOR - network in order to ‘hide’ your IP.

  2. Your computer details -Windows version, screen size, cookies etc. are allways obtainable when visiting a site, but why would you care about that?
    Nowadays people only care about privacy, although average user’s like us don’t really need it.

Would use a VPN here, if hiding your IP is important.

Many of those factors, while individually may not seem important, can be combined to form a more-or-less unique ‘profile’ of you that can be tracked around the web even if your IP address changes due to use of VPN, traveling, etc.

BTW, this site has a fairly good rundown of various browsers – desktop and mobile. It’s also pretty up to date at any given time.

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