Does Brave browser affect Referrals?


If a person decides to update their browser to the latest version of Brave does that in turn affect the referral rewards? I know that technically speaking their using a different version of the browser from the original one they downloaded using the ref link and when it updates it no longer includes the username, so does that in turn mean that the user who referred them no longer gets credited? If so that should be fixed.


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I hope I’m not give the wrong answer here. :slight_smile:

  • If you update the browser from automatic update like you got update notification or you manually check via hamburger menu > Help, then it should not affect the referral. Since the referral code will be still in your browser profile. And it’ll be removed after 30 days.

Except if you uninstalling > clear brave folder > reinstall then you should lose the referral.



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As far as I know, you are correct on this @eljuno :smile:



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