Does Brave auto-contribute to non-verified publishers if "Show non-verified sites in list" is unchecked?

I am a bit confused over the auto-contribute list.

  1. If I have “Show non-verified sites in list” unchecked, will Brave attempt to auto-contribute to non-verified sites anyways? In other words, is it just an option to hide non-verified sites in the list or does it actually stop auto-contribute?
  2. This Brave support article shows a differently worded option than what’s currently in Brave. The article shows an option “Allow contribution to non-verified sites” which I feel is much clearer. Did the behavior change in recent Brave releases?
  3. If Brave does auto-contribute to non-verified sites even with the “Show non-verified sites in list” disabled, will Brave just keep reattempting the auto-contribute thereby starving verified sites from getting BAT? I know that non-verified sites have 3 months to claim their earnings before it goes back into the user’s wallet for use. But if Brave keeps auto-contributing monthly to say “” (which isn’t a verified site but obviously has the highest percentage for me since I use Google all the time for search) and it keeps getting rejected every 3 months, wouldn’t verified sites get slowed down to a trickle?

Can anyone clarify this for me?

Loving the browser so far though, big thanks to the entire Brave team and community.

Bump. I really want to make sure that my BAT is going to the right people every month.

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