Does BRAVE accept CBD advertising?

Asking for a client who is looking for alternative forms of marketing.

Hi, I want to say that in order to advertise on the Internet, you don’t need to be very smart, but you just need to watch a few videos or read information that will inform you a little about it and then you can do it. For example, I once came across an advertisement for marijuana, and came across the platform from online at knockoutcbd, this is a very cool poatforma, I order and buy there for the first time, I strongly advise everyone, because there are very high-quality products, ordering it on this platform you will definitely not regret, thank you very much yato read my review, and listened to my opinion.

Thanks for reaching out and for showing an interest in this. Unfortunately the answer is “no” at this time, but we are looking at regulations and working on being able to do this in the future.

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