Does ANYTHING in Brave really work?

I’ve been trying out Brave for about 24 hours now.

First thing I noticed is that it refuses to even try to access websites that redirect through which makes it nearly useless for my purposes.

Then I noticed that if I want to report that problem to Brave for the developers to fix their software I have to go along with their pretense that Brave is perfect and any website that Brave fails to access must be “broken” – sorry guys, but when Firefox, and Chrome, and Opera, and Edge all access the sites correctly but only Brave has a problem then what’s “broken” is pretty obvious.

While looking at that issue, I ran across the fact that if I click on About Brave, the program will always try to check for any updates – THAT is good, except for the fact that the check for updates always fails: “An error occurred while checking for updates: Update check failed to start (error code 3: [0x80070057]”

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