Does anyone receive Ad notifications as usual?

Ya become 0.025 per ads. But BAT price has increase in market from around 0.27 usd to 0.33 usd for now. Hopefully will continue increase in future.

Mine mac also got problem of estimate pending reward still haven’t reset which is from July but I already get my BAT in uphold. Just wonder is everyone also like this ? They haven’t reset?

lots of us have the same issue bro.

Apparently yes, is the same for lot’s of us. I also received the payment on uphold but the rewards counter has not been reset.

This was the last day brave dropped bomb of ads on me since then nothing :cry:

If many people having the same issue then there must be something wrong with the ads system!!?

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i got 2 weeks without ads :frowning:

I heard lots of users have this issue right now.

Also getting ads have become like winning a lottery or something, You have to be “chosen” i guess. :laughing:

True that, I only got 1 ad yesterday after that nothing :laughing: :sweat_smile:

Same here. Reinstall Windows 10 and Brave. Since then no ads. What’s wrong?

Bro How did you get more than 17 BAT in estimated rewards within 17 days?

I restored my wallet with the key. Those rewards are before when I reset Windows 10 and reinstall Brave. You can see Ad notifications received this month is 0. Very sad.

let us hope for a fix for this in the coming updates.

Same here bros…ZERO ADDS in august both in Pc and Mobile

Same issue…windows and android…

Maximum 5 ads per hour is not working! Most of the time its 0 ad for more than 3 to 4 hours…

I though there is something wrong with my AC or settings. But seems it’s a problem for all. Not a single AD notification in this month yet.

I am still not get ads @steeven @eljuno check then problem fix it…

From India haven’t received single ad since 3 days

I haven’t been getting advertisements on the computer for 2 months. I’ve had ads on mobile for the last 2 weeks, but you’ve also lowered the bat level to 0.025 and you want us to do 25 bats to verify the wallet. This makes no sense. Those concerned need to leave the copy and paste messages and really deal with the complaints. Otherwise, many people will leave the Brave browser.

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Its been over 10 days since I received ads both on my desktop as well as mobile device.

i am not getting ads from the last 1 week how many time i have tell guys to fix this problem but you guys are taking and step to fix and keep on ignoring it.
and at first 1 ad = 0.05 bat but now it reduced to 0.025 if any one try to take it you will shut there mouth its is not fair brave and i am planning to get back to google chrome