Does anyone receive Ad notifications as usual?

You are totally wrong. From my opinion most of the users are using Brave to earn some money by watching ads. I think Google Chrome is faster than Brave and we can easily add a powerful adsblocker to block ads in Chrome browser. Also, reward amount has been decreased and they are increasing their profits. If we didn’t get ads in Brave and ads rates remains at this very low value 0.025 BAT, we have to switch to Chrome or Firefox, so simple : )


I agree bro. I am understanding. :pray:t2:

I am just using Brave because of the small earnings(or very small earnings).

Brave people should fix this bug right away because its their “unique selling point!”

STILL NO ADS :expressionless: :unamused: :frowning_face:

You are right dude :+1:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for writing this but still not receiving ads ( Have had already tried every troubleshooting I can :sweat_smile:) and being an active user with more than 10 hours of active browser
And log shows No eligible ads found :frowning: Ad notification not shown: No eligible ads found from past 10 days

You are absolutely right. Without their Ads platform Brave falls well short of other browsers like Bromite, Firefox, Edge and heck even Chrome itself.

I don’t want to overly criticize but the sudden reduction of Ad reward and unavailability of ads to many of the users smells like a Pyramid scheme. You get some people to try out the product, pay them to bring others in and after there jobs are done discard them and pay only the new ones for a certain period of time.

Its really frustrating to have no official mod replies even though we are making so much noise in their so called Customer Service Portal.


Now a day i am seeing lot of problem in this brave browser.

1.) No ads is been displayed now and then ( i use my the browser around 6 hours a day)

2.) Brave reward is not payed correctly.

3.) And the main problem is that the brave ads reward is been reduced to 0.025 and not even seeing the 0.050 ads any more what even ads i get is only 0.025 .
and as per your guys logic the brave ads rewards will increase or decrease according to the ads . then i just wonder why i haven’t seen any ads on 0.075 .

And is not fare brave please reset the ads Reward to 0.050 Cos 0.025 is very low. And i just i want to know why am not even seeing a single 0.050 ad after the new update? ???


I uninstalled Brave :laughing:


Not getting ads from past 3 days onwards… Brave company closed… :smiley:


@Nagarendra I don’t think so. Now the BAT price increase dramatically. :sweat_smile:

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That is because of defi, lots of BAT tokens are block in plataforms like compound or aave like colateral, so those tokens are not in market. That’s one of the reasons is going up.

I would gladly use Brave even WITHOUT the brave ads incentive / feature. Brave blocks ads a 100% and people who are inclined to think otherwise can continue using Firefox/Chrome. Doesn’t hurt me.

In fact, I believe by now, Brave should have enough data to get an idea of who the genuine users / consumers are vs those trolls who are just viewing / baiting ads for their own selfish agenda. If those trolls want to uninstall Brave, so be it. Anyway, ad publishers wouldn’t want these trolls as their main target audience so it’s good that they are gone.

The next phase for Brave is to clean up the ads and introduce a public platform for more genuine ad publishers to come on board and target audience that are genuine consumers (not those trolls who kept complaining about no ads , low ad revenue, etc.) That way, Brave can keep itself competitive and consistent with their growth target.


For those of you who are not seeing ads, please know that the team is aware of the concern and are working presently to get the issue resolved. We mentioned previously that Rewards/Ads support may be slower than usual as we’re reorganizing the way we handle these kids of issues in order to create a more efficient support system:


None in two weeks for me.

no i havent had ads for weeks. Brave isnt what it was,

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Nope… didn’t receive any ads for last 4 days and the reward has been reduced to 0.025 :sob:

hello everyone

here are what i found from reading the reward internals

  1. there time limit between getting ads around 15 min so once you get one then the next one will be at least after 15 min

  2. reward system category the sites you visit i did not see they keep more than 3 category at time so once you get to new category it replace one of the 3 you already had and they also has sub category not sure if there sub for that sub also or not

  3. some ads require certain category to be displayed and some show with multi category other even require sub category

  4. ads served if there a matching category if not it will check the parent category if the ads accept that check number 3

  5. this one is tricky so i will do my best to explain it system check the last 24 hours ads history (not today history ) and if it find you got 20 ads then you will not get any till the first ads of those 20 serverd before 24 hours

so let us say you start using reward system for first time at 8 am and let us say secand ads come at 10 am and you got all your 20 ads at 5 pm now tomorow you would not get any ads till it be around 8 am then after you get that one you will not get any till around 10 am

hope i explained it well

  1. some ads do not repeat on the same day other repeated once for each category they have

i have ads when i check it’s category in the reward setting i find it has 3 category this one repeated 3 times max other ads only show with one category so it show only once

  1. ads value is variable i think most of you know that

  2. some thing related to ads category i can not break yet cause the log give some symbol i do not know what it mean yet

all the above points based on my guessing from reading the internal logs and i am just user like all of you so i could be wrong or miss something or manything

hope that explain some of the new reward system behavior

thanks for your time and have a nice day :slight_smile:


i forget
congratulations everyone the exchange rate of bat is raising who know maybe it be like bitcoin price one day :wink: so if you got 100 bat you will be millioner :moneybag: