Does anyone receive Ad notifications as usual?

Does anyone receive Ad notifications as usual?

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Brave ads troubleshooting

The number of ads you see depends on the availability of the ads campaign in your country and match found between your interest. (The number of ads and the types of ads often vary)

1. Make sure your browser is up to date (brave://settings/help)

2. Make sure the brave ads are available in your country
Brave Ads - Supported Countries,

3. Try the following tool

4. First check - settings - Notifications & actions - make sure - Brave - Turn ON
Disable Focus Assist (off)
Brave Ads Windows 10 Troubleshooting

5. Brave Ads FAQ,

6. Open Brave browser - Go to Menu - Brave Rewards (brave://rewards/) - Turn off Ads - Turn off Brave Rewards - close the browser - wait one minute (Don’t touch mouse and keyboard)

After that - open Brave Browser - again wait one minute (Don’t touch mouse and keyboard)

Then - Go to Menu - Brave Rewards (brave://rewards/) - Turn on Brave Rewards - Turn on Ads - wait one minute (Don’t touch mouse and keyboard)

Browse now as usual

7. Ads type may vary,
So try to browse the different types of topics you like.

8. The timing of the ad notifications may vary,
So try to browse at a different time than usual.

Scroll down for new details :point_down:
Does anyone receive Ad notifications as usual?


definitely no its been so frustating lately


no ads and ads rate is been reduced to 0.025


@Mattches kindly please look

Yes but it’s 0.025 Bat per ads

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Where do you live that advertise?

Since the update I have not received the advertisement

On my android browser yes, but on my linux browser i haven’t received any ad today :sob:


yes i am also not getting ads @eljuno @steeven Help with i am not receiving the ads after the update on both pc and mobile

less than 5 ads per day since August 1st, Zero Ads on my PC today. Brave is really improving isn’t it? :laughing:

yup improving a lot,i wonder why they call it upgrade/update whatever, they should call it a mess so that users will stop complaining :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


The BAT valuation has increased by about 10% in the past few weeks. So if they had to expend the same amount to give Ad rewards to users by lowering the per ad value to 0.025, the number of users had to increase by about 80% in the past few weeks, which DID NOT happen. So I don’t understand the logic behind reducing the per ad BAT value. :nerd_face:


The brave team is really “Brave” to keep mum even after all the complaints that are flocking in.


italy here, received a few ads on my smartphone yesterday and nothing ever since. 4 out of 4 of my devices say “Ad notification not shown: No eligible ads found” in brave://rewards-internals
Before the update to v 1.12.112 I got ads on pretty much every device (except for Windows 10, I’ve never been able to make them work there)


@steeven kindly please help on this matter

in my case i´m on linux lite based in ubuntu 18.04.

Since last update ads on stable version stop comming and it happend like on “july bug” due to nightly version is receiving ads but stable no.

Also my rewards counter has not been reset.


Turn off the ads feature, find yourself a real job, and save yourself the fustration.


That’s okay xd. But having your hours during work in your PC with some revenue never comes bad in handy.


I heard lots of users have this issue right now.

Also getting ads have become like winning a lottery or something, You have to be “chosen” i guess. :laughing:

Brave rewards is the only edge Brave has got against Firefox and other chromium browsers. Hope they can clean up their act soon.